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Women Artists of the North East Library

LAUNCHING 12th OCTOBER 2017 - 6pm

Initiated by Holly Argent & Rene McBrearty

Taking up residence in The Northern Charter, over the next six months, we will build a collection of material to form a library of Women Artists of the North East.

By bringing together different types of material, including: books, art, photographs, letters, oral histories and music, we will form a usable resource that contributes to the history of women artists working in the region.

We are really excited to hear about as many women artists associated with the North East regardless of formal training, age, stage of career etc. During this research residency, we will be asking, what it could mean to have a regional library of only women artists? How might the community want to use it, and could this have the potential to form part of a collective memory?

The Northern Charter will host the library until February 2018 and act as a meeting place to share information, present findings and host events in collaboration with artists and local groups. A rolling programme will be shaped by our research findings and conversations along the way.

We really hope this project can be built collaboratively from stories and local knowledge of Women Artists’ presence in the North East. So, we would like to invite you to meet with us for the launch of the project on Thursday 12th October.

Please share this with anyone you think would be interested in the project.

Launch Thursday 12th October 2017
The Northern Charter,
Fifth Floor of Commercial Union House
Pilgrim Street,
Newcastle upon Tyne